Straight Seeds WBU Canton Carries

Black Oil Sunflower - Favorite of Just About all Birds Attracted to Feeders

Striped Sunflower - Classic Bird Seed, Larger than Black Oil Sunflower.

Safflower - Good Seed to Use if you have Trouble with Squirrels and Black Birds

Nutra Safflower - Offers more Fat and Protein and a Thinner Shell than regular Safflower

Medium and Course Sunflower Chips - Great Replacement for Black Oil Sunflower if you do not want Shells

Nyjer - Excellent Finch, Siskin and Red Poll Food

Shelled Peanuts - Clean, High Fat and Protein Food

Peanuts in the Shell - Popular with those who Feed Squirrels and Jays

Cracked Corn - Traditional Bird Food, Great for Ducks

Whole Corn - Classic Critter Feed

White Millet - Traditional Bird Seed, Popular with many ground feeding species